Important Information



The procedures and guidelines listed on this page and on the Procedures page must be followed in order to receive funding from the GSTF- carefully review them!

GSTF Background

The GSTF was established to assist George Mason graduate students attend and participate in professional conferences pertaining to their field of study.

Conference attendance plays an important role in academic growth and development by providing the opportunity for training, networking, and exposure to the latest research.

*GSTF financial support is limited and currently only available for those presenting. Funding is distributed for student travel that is deemed to make the best use of this limited funding. The funding determination is made by the student’s faculty advisor, department chair (ITG only) and by the GSTF.

Important Deadlines in Order to Apply for Funding

Be aware of these deadlines and plan ahead! Funding must be requested prior to your conference attendance- funding will not be provided for conferences you have already attended.

*There is one exception to these deadlines: if students can provide proof that they received acceptance to present their research at a conference after the applicable deadline. Please email this proof to the GSTF. The decision regarding what is considered “acceptable proof” will be determined by the GSTF.

Application Submission Deadlines




August 1 – September 30 July 15
October 1 – November 30 September 15
December 1 – January 31 November 15
February 1 – March 31 January 15
April 1 – May 31 March 15
June 1 – July 31 May 15

Eligibility Requirement to Apply for Funds

Meeting the eligibility requirement does not guarantee GSTF funding

Funds are only distributed to graduate students currently enrolled in a certificate, master’s or doctoral graduate program of study. GSTF financial support is limited and currently only available for those presenting.

If awarded GSTF funds, students are only eligible to receive funding once per fiscal year (between July 1 and June 30).

The Decision to Fund Student Travel

First, the faculty advisor/department chair (International Travel Grants only) of the student requesting funding must support the student’s conference attendance. This approval/denial is electronically obtained after submitting your online GSTF Funding Request Application.

Second, if supported by the faculty advisor, then the GSTF will review the student’s Funding Request Application. Applications are reviewed once every two months (post-application deadlines, see table above). The GSTF reviews the application to investigate the student’s level of participation, and the scope of the conference to determine the best use of GSTF funds.

Reimbursable Expenses

The GSTF only provides financial support for conference-related travel (related expenses include only: registration fees, lodging, transportation). GSTF funds will not be awarded for dissertation support, job interview travel, food or any other expenses outside of the conference-related travel expenses outlined in this paragraph.

Funding Amounts

The GSTF will determine the amount of funding allocated to students based upon their level of participation, the scope of the conference, and the amount expected to be spent on travel. GSTF funds are limited.

GSTF funds will only be applied to cover conference- related travel expenses. If the GSTF approves the student for an amount greater than the amount the student’s original receipts total, the balance will remain with the GSTF, and will not be distributed to the student. (Example: If the student is approved for $450.00 of GSTF funding, but only spends $300.00 at the conference, only $300.00 will be provided to the student, and the GSTF will retain the other $100.00.)

If awarded GSTF funding, the amount granted to the student for his/her conference travel will vary between $150.00 to $450.00 per student per fiscal year. The breakdown is as follows:

Students presenting in conferences held in DC, Maryland or Virginia (DMV):

  • up to $150 – non GAPSA member
  • up to $200 – GAPSA member

Students presenting outside of the DMV or internationally:

Poster Presentations:  

  • up to $350 – non GAPSA members
  • up to $400 – GAPSA members

Oral Presentations:   

  • up to $450 – non GAPSA members
  • up to $500 – GAPSA members

If you would like more information about how you can get involved in GAPSA, please visit for more information.

Graduate Student Travel Fund (GSTF) — International Travel Grant 

In addition to providing up to $500 in travel support for students presenting at professional conferences, the Associate Provost for Graduate Education is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of International Travel Grants (ITG). Awarded on a competitive basis and the availability of funding, the ITG offers up to $1000 in travel support for students presenting the results of original research at international conferences.

Requirements for consideration include submission of a complete presentation abstract as well as the names and institutional affiliations of all co-authors (student must be primary author). Also, please submit a complete estimate of trip expenses. In addition, requests for the ITG must be accompanied by a letter (no more than 250 words) from the student’s faculty/research advisor describing how conference participation will advance the student’s pursuit of his/her educational and professional goals. We also ask for endorsement by the department chair. Students who are not selected for an ITG may still apply for funding through our general GSTF fund. All required documents must be submitted through the GSTF application portal. More information regarding the application portal and how to apply may be found under the procedures tab. General GSTF deadlines apply. 

For more information and submission details regarding the ITG, please contact the GSTF at